A title holding service is an independent third party used to hold title to property in order to protect it from unauthorized changes in title or unauthorized liens, usually by holding title as a trustee. Title Holding Services Corporation is organized to handle active transactions, as opposed to land title trustee services that only accept assignments for long-term holds.

A title holding service usually holds title as a title holding trustee of a trust. A title holding trustee acts more like a nominee or escrowee of the maker of the trust or of the beneficiaries, rather than as an active fiduciary managing the day-to-day affairs.

Many owners of property appreciate the privacy that accompanies a title holding trust. Hence, THSC usually will use a generic name for a trust rather than the trust maker’s name or the property name. You can usually expect title to read something like:
Title Holding Services Corporation, a California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, as Trustee of the THSC Holding Trust No. 12-10000.”