About Title Holding Services Corporation.

Title Holding Services Corporation (THSC) is a California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation created as a result for the demands for specialized services received by California attorney Ronald M. Ballard. Many clients were accustomed to using land trusts for real estate transactions but the independent corporations who would act as trustee of a land trust were not typically interested in being involved with active, creative real estate transactions because they didn’t have the knowledge and in-house sophistication to understand the structure sufficiently to act fairly in compliance with the agreements.

THSC does not offer services to the general public. It only provides services to members of the mutual benefit corporation as authorized by its Articles of Incorporation and the California Corporations Code. If any person is going to be a trust grantor, beneficiary, successor trustee or lender secured by a beneficial interest in trust, then they must apply for and be approved for admission as a member. THSC’s goal is to admit only member of solid business experience, sophistication and ethics.

Initial members usually have a pre-existing relationship with Ronald Ballard and have inquired about THSC services as a result of transactions they have completed with his legal involvement.  Admission of new members is made primarily by referral from existing members or trusted vendors such as title insurance and escrow companies.

THSC is located in Lake Forest in the southern part of Orange County, California, adjacent to Ballard Law, for convenient interaction in supervision and implementation of transactions.

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